KIA  Platinum Carnivals 7-seater SUV (People Mover) with comfort, spacious Legroom and room for lots of luggage

Mercedes Valente 7 -Seater Luxury Vehicle with extra comfort, Spacious Legroom, Sunroof for VIP/Business/Luxury and Airport/Cruise Ships Transfers.

Lexus RX -350h 4 -seater Luxury Sedan for Business/Luxury Trips Light Airport & Cruise Ships Transfers(Coming soon)

Yes we provide different child seats for Newborns (0- 1), Young Children(1-4) and Boosters(4-7)

We pickup directly at the Sydney Airport Terminals (T1 – T3). We meet and greet our clients adding that personal touch.

Yes, If you book a Return Airport/Cruise Trip or a Group Trip to an event we provide Cold Bottled Water and Mints. Phone Charging and Tissues on request.

The Driver will provide assistance to people who may need it. If you have mobility devices such as Wheelchairs, walking aids or knee walkers, please let us know in advance when booking the trip. This is to ensure there is appropriate room for its storage during the trip.

We prefer up to 8 months in advance but can take a longer booking on request and a deposit must be paid.

All drivers are required to pass a National Crime Check, have a current Working With Children certification, and have no major infractions on their driving record.

You can be picked up in any safe location, except in taxi ranks, bus zones, no stopping zones, and disabled parking areas (unless you carry a mobility sticker with you).

You may cancel a trip at any time (please refer to our Terms and Conditions in regard to Cancelling and refunds.

All vehicles are registered as business vehicles and carry the relevant Compulsory Business (CTP) insurance.  In the event of personal injury during a trip, the provisions of the CTP policy will apply.

Yes, by prior arrangement. Before picking up any parcel/packages we need to be informed of its contents. If there are any illegal substances, we reserve the right to refuse to take the goods. Please note that such goods may not be insured for damage during transit, and it is your responsibility to ensure the items are appropriately insured.

We are happy to transport small dogs and cats in a approve pet carrier or dogs in a harness. We don’t transport large dogs unless the dog is a registered service animal with appropriate documentation.

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Personalized Private Transport Service based in South-West Sydney offering individual and group preminium trips. Door to Door Service in our KIA Carnival for up to 7 people.

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