Terms & Conditions

By Booking Transport with Access N Go the “Hirer” accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions below:


Hirer – the person/s/company booking a trip with Access N Go Transport.

Access N Go – the Booking Service Provider for all trips.

Please Be Aware once payment has been received these Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between the hirer and Access N Go


Payments Methods:

To Book a trip with Access N Go, the hirer has the option to book a trip/s via our Online Booking System on our Website or Access N Go Manually Sent Invoice.

Website Booking System and Payment Facility
  • Payments (via Square) can be made via our Website Instant Quote/Booking System. If using this option, Payments must be paid in full upfront. You will receive a receipt once payment has been received via Square Payments. Upon request a manual receipt for a Business Trip can be issued, please contact Access N Go.
    Business Invoicing
  • An Access N Go Invoice can be sent for payment. You can manually pay either a deposit (half payment) or the full amount upfront before the date of travel unless arrangements have been made with Access N Go to pay in cash or card on the day. All monies owing must be paid in full before or on the pickup date.
  • We do accept Payments via, Cash, Credit cards/Eftpos using the ‘Square’. A Processing fee of $6.00 is payable except through the Online Booking System on all credit card/eftpos transactions.
  • Once a payment has been received we will send you a receipt with a link to our Terms and Conditions on our website. If you require a hard copy please contact Access N Go

Booked Trips can only be cancelled in writing (email). We are always happy to re-schedule the trip (if possible) or offer a credit for a future trip.


 In the case of a hirer becoming affected by coronavirus (COVID-19)  or if a Lockdown is declared and State Borders are closed before or on the date of the trip taking place including a return Trip. There will be No Refunds Unless under Special Circumstances. Please contact Access N Go 


Once a payment has been received. A Refund can only be given  Under Special Circumstance (see below).

We Do NOT Refund for ‘Change of Mind’ (please see Online Booking System for exceptions below).

If Access N Go cancels a Single or Return Trip for a valid reason – A Full Refund.

Under Special Circumstances a full or half refund may be considered please contact Access N Go. (Please Note: If the hirer wishes to rebook our services the full amount will need to be paid at the time of booking).

Online Booking System via our Website

If you Book Trips using our Website Booking Form and make a mistake or change of mind we will only consider a refund if you contact us within 24 hours in making the booking. After 24 hours No refund except Under Special Circumstances (see above).

Access N Go has the right to adjust payments if the hirer provides us with incorrect booking details. Please be precise when booking trips.


If Access N Go issues you a credit for a future trip., the credit is only valid for 8 months from the original scheduled pickup date unless we state otherwise in writing. After 8 months Access N Go Credit is no longer valid.

Waiting Time:

Access N Go reserves the right to charge up to $50 per hour after 30 mins when the nominated pickup time has elapsed(except Pickups from the Airport or Cruise Ship Terminals after 1 hour). Please ensure your guests and yourself are ready to depart on time.  If there is a delay, please call/text the driver or Access N Go.

The Service operates up to 12am as per agreement. Unless a later time for pickup is agreed upon when booking. Otherwise, Access N Go has the right to refuse a later pickup time or can charge an extra $50.00 per hour.

Extra Pickups/Stops:

Unless pre-planned with Access N Go, if the hirer informs the driver to make an extra stop such as a service station/ shopping centre/restaurant /house etc. you agree to pay the driver an extra fee (depending on distance travelled).

Emergency Stops please notified driver immediately – such as Toilet Breaks/Sickness. Sick Bags are available in our vehicle. If a diversion is required (not along the planned route) you will be charged extra.

Travel Time:

You need to arrive at the Airport at least 1 -2 hours prior to your departure time for domestic flights and 2-3 hours for international flights. These times can vary between peak seasons and distances from Airport.

PLEASE NOTE: Delays may occur due to traffic or weather conditions. Access n Go will not be liable for any loss, cost or delay incurred due to circumstances beyond our control.

No Show:

Should the “hirer” fail to cancel their booking or fail to show up at the designated pickup point, Access N Go reserves the right to keep the Deposit.

Child restraints:

Under NSW law, a child aged 0-7 must travel in a vehicle in a Booster or Child Restraint seat. Please advise at the time of booking if you need a booster or child seat.

Failure to notify us that a Child Restraint Seat is required may result in the Booked Trip being delayed.


When booking a trip with Access N Go you must tell us the total number of Luggage and approximately sizes. Failure to disclose the number of Luggage items may result in the luggage items being left behind or going on passengers laps or possibly trip cancellation if we cannot find any space in the vehicle. If we need to cancel a trip due to overload, the full payment will still be required and no refund.


We run a number of vehicles SUV Vans and Sedans and it may be necessary to change the vehicle for a trip due to availability. The Client will be notified of any changes.


If for some reason the hirer requires the driver to park the vehicle and no free parking is available at the venue (location) the hirer agrees to pay any parking fees.


Access N Go is not liable for any loss or damage howsoever arising, to any, and all goods, baggage and personal items conveyed by our service.

Lost Property:

Property left in a vehicle will be kept for a maximum of 3 months. Should the owner request their property to be delivered or forwarded on, any direct expense will be charged to the owner of the property, (Postage fee or fuel expense).

Damage of Vehicles

Any damage during a booked trip caused by persons in our vehicle shall be liable to the cost of repairs.


Access n Go reserves the right to charge a cleaning and/or sanitation fee of up to $500 for anyone who becomes ill inside a vehicle as a result of alcohol or food consumption. We provide Sick bags behind our car seats for easy access. Please notify the driver if you are feeling unwell or need to be ‘sick’ outside.


Dairy Products, Hot Drinks or Takeaway Meals (except cold Water bottles/hot drinks with lids) are not to be consumed in our Vehicles. Spilling of Liquids in the vehicle will incur a cleaning charge.

Open Alcohol:

On some trips such as Concerts/Sporting Events a small amount of alcohol in small bottles and cans can be consumed in our vehicle. Opened large champagne or wine bottles or open glasses is not permitted. Please contact Access N Go in advance to discuss before bringing open alcohol in the vehicle.


IS NOT permitted in our vehicles. If you vape or smoke during the vehicle, the driver will automatically cancel your trip and no refund


Access N Go is not a common carrier and can therefore refuse to carry a person whose behaviour is detrimental to the enjoyment, comfort or safety of the group, other travellers, other passengers and the driver. By travelling with Access N Go, you agree to accept the authority of the driver. Any threats to safety, being physical or verbal, or any inappropriate behaviour as deemed by the driver may result in the removal from the vehicle.

If a driver requires a passenger to leave the vehicle for any reasons listed above, no refund will be given, and that passenger/s will be responsible for their own travel costs and arrangements from that point.


Our vehicles are fitted with a Dash Cam which are recording the external and internal of the vehicle (audio and video) for security purposes. Some parts of the trip recordings may be kept on file for security or if any incidents occurred.


In giving us your contact details (email or phone number) Access N Go may contact you for future marketing of our business.  If you would like to opt out of any Future Business Marketing, please let us know.


All written modifications or additions must be agreed upon by both the Business and the Hirer.

This constitutes the entire agreement between the Hirer and the Business. 

No other terms or conditions implied or expressed not included in this document apply. 

If the Hirer would like to clarify any of the above points or have any concerns, please contact Access n Go info@accessngo.com.au.  

This agreement is binding, by booking Access N Go you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Once a payment has been received they take effect. Please read them carefully.

Once service trip has begun no amendments can be made.  Access N Go has the right to modify these terms and conditions (except during a trip taking place) in which the hirer will be notified in advance.


Access N Go Terms and Conditions (Updated Dec 2023).




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